Educational Facilities

School Library

A library is the nerve center for all intellectual research and the main source of strength to the staff and students. We have a good library with more than 25,000 books and more than 15 standard periodicals. The reference section has a variety of standard reference books on almost all topics at the school level.

Computer Lab

The IT wing of the institution is well furnished with 80 computers. From class I to XII are getting computer training.

The school has two excellent computer labs. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them. Our teaching laboratories are equipped with Windows NT and multimedia PC’S all networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet. Working in our computer labs will sharpen your analytical skills as you discover the structures underlying software, stretch your creative talents as you design new concepts and give you the confidence to sell your ideas to a waiting World.


We have well equipped and spacious laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany.

Digital Classroom

Our digital class room facilities are one of the best in the south India. We have got 34 digital classroom with the best Digital classroom providers of now (Next Education India (P) LTD.) Each classroom has many accessories which has revolutionized the learning programmed at school at all levels. Overall it facilitated the interactive teaching techniques and has given the opportunity to our students to explore the world of interactive learning.