Admission Procedure


1. Admission to various classes will be made only if there is availability and on presenting of transfer certificate from school affiliated to C.B.S.E and other valid documents mentioned in the application form

2. Application for admission to L.K.G should be made in the prescribed form obtainable from the office on payment of prescribed fee. Admission for L.K.G begins in the month of October / November and for the other classes in the month of March

3. The application form shall be accompanied by the a certificate extract from the register of births showing the date of birth of the pupil, or Baptism Certificate from the parish or declaration from the parish or declaration from the parent with an affidavit. In cases where such a declaration is given and accepted by the principal, the parent shall declare that no request for change in the date of birth will be sought at any future date

L.K.G: Age 4 as on First June
U.K.G: Age 5 as on First June

5. The names of pupil , his/ her religion , date of birth etc. once entered in the admission register shall not be altered except with the sanction of authority specified by Govt. in this behalf by notification in the gazette